A Sync-Solution for the Mozilla Suite

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PC side

The PC side of FinchSync is written in pure Java. This requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 1.4.2 or higher, to be installed on your system. Mac OS X already comes with Java out of the box and so do most of the Linux distributions.

Recently some problems have been reported with the Java implementations of some distributions like Ubuntu or Kubuntu. If you have any problems, make sure, that you have SUN Java installed. See troubleshooting in support section for details.

If Java is not installed on your system (this is true for most Windows PCs), it can be downloaded directly from SUN: Java 5.0 Download Page (Only the JRE is required!)

Of course, some Mozilla products or Netscape should be installed on your PC. I recommend using Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird as separate applications. You'll find both Firefox and Thunderbird on the Mozilla Project Homepage.

Calendar is a Mozilla-subproject and is available as an extension called Lightning for Thunderbird, or as a separate application called Sunbird. It can be downloaded from the Calendar Homepage . Please be sure to read the  HowTo section for instructions about syncing with Sunbird or Lightning version 0.3 and higher.

I could also recommend Rainlendar as calendar Tool. For info visit the Rainlendar homepage.

Pocket PC and SmartPhone side

The main requirement on the Pocket PC or SmartPhone is the .NET Framework. This is available for both Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003.

Most Windows Mobile 2003 systems have .NET already installed: Open the 'File Explorer' on your Pocket PC and try to locate the file 'cgacutil.exe' in the 'Windows' directory. If this file is present, .NET is already installed and you are ready to start. You may run this file and a Dialog Box will show you the version of .NET on your system.

If your PDA or Smartphone runs Windows Mobile 5.0, you sure have .Net on board.

If you must setup .NET on your Pocket PC, there are some different ways to do this. Software is installed on the Pocket PC using CAB-archives. (There are Windows Installer packages too, but those require Windows and will not work with others like Linux or OS X.)

Most CAB-archives containing native code are offered in different versions, depending on the processor-type your Pocket PC is using.  Starting an incorrect CAB-archive will not hurt your Pocket PC, it will just show an error message.

You also need the correct .NET Framework for your OS version. You might have 'Pocket PC 2003', which uses 'Windows CE 3' or 'Windows Mobile 2003' using 'Windows CE 4'.

To find out, which processor and OS your Pocket PC uses, choose 'Settings' from the start-menu, choose the 'system' tab and select 'About'. A Dialog Box will show your Windows CE version and processor type. Most Pocket PCs use ARM (Intel) processors, so if you are still unsure, try the 'arm' version for 'Windows CE 3' and the 'armv4' version for 'Windows CE 4'.

You can find all available versions here: University of Rome 'LA SAPIENZA'

Windows users might download an installer package directly from Microsoft, which will copy all available .NET framework versions (CAB-files) to the hard drive. Unfortunately Microsoft does not offer single CAB-files for direct download.

To install the CAB-archive, simply copy the CAB-file to your Pocket PC and start it. To uninstall, choose 'Settings' from the start-menu, choose the 'system' tab and select 'Remove Programs'. You'll find additional information about uninstalling the FinchSync client application from the Pocket PC here.

On a Windows PC, copying the CAB-file to the Pocket PC is easy, just use an ActiveSync connection. Linux or OS X users might use a Bluetooth or WLAN connection or a Compact Flash card for file transfer.

If your Pocket PC can connect to the Internet, you can install a CAB-file by using Pocket Internet Explorer and simply following the link to the CAB-file. This is described by Microsoft, but fails on my PocketPC.

NOTE: Be sure to download the correct client CAB file, as there are different versions for Pocket PCs and SmartPhones. Even if your Pocket PC has a build in Phone (Windows Mobile Phone Edition), it is still a Pocket PC. A SmartPhone is a mobile phone with no touchscreen running Windows Mobile.


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